The difference

between MAGWheel

and Onewheel

What is MAGWheel?

MAGWheel is a perfect piece of smart engineering and technology combined artfully. It moves and balances based on body movement, pretty amazing! We offer more than just a standard scooter; we provide a world of possibilities.

Did MAGWheel Copy Onewheel?

From the appearance, it seems that MAGWheel is very similar to Onewheel, but MAGWheel has obtained a patent certificate in 2015, and its operating principle is completely different from onewheel. Below I will introduce the main differences between the two products.

MAGWheel T3
Onewheel GT

The principle of MAGWheel operation is based on “dynamic stabilization”. Use the gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the MAGWheel to detect the change of the MAGWheel attitude, and use the control system to accurately drive the wheels to make corresponding adjustments to maintain its balance.

Different induction

The Onewheel uses a combination of sensors to monitor your motion and provide the correct voltage to the direct drive hub motor. When you finish riding, simply break contact with the front sensor and dismount the board.

4 different ways to get off, much safer.

Different ways
to get off

Onewheel's sensor switch is on one side, so you need to get off from one side. If you get off from the other side, there will be little dangerous.

MAGWheel has 12 inch tire for T3. Larger tire size for smoother and more comfortable riding over obstacles. The smooth tire is more flexible when turning, and the rough tire has stronger grip, and customers can choose according to their needs.


Onewheel has 11.5 inch tire for GT,

Support other brand of battery

You can even add an extra battery to the car if you want. Better compatibility allows you to have more DIY space.


Onewheel needs to use his own brand of batteries.

Four anti-vibration rubber pads are installed.


No shock protection, noise when riding.

Maintenance is simple, we will provide maintenance videos, customers can solve 80% of the problems themselves. There are also some fixed maintenance location in Europe, America and Asia.


It needs to be taken to a fixed repair location.